Vacuum Cleaner – $25

Works, used.  $25 – same model is $129 newImage


Haier .9 cubic foot microwave – $30

ImageIn good condition, clean inside and out.  $30

Martini Glasses and Shaker $25

2 Martini Glasses and Shaker – barely usedImage – $25

Triangulation – making you a dominate force on the web.

The triangle is rapidly becoming an extremely valuable asset when it comes to business and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) applications. The concept of Triangulation has recently become extremely important with the new “Relationship Age” or what could be called the “Connected Revolution”.

As you know, Google has been the leader in search engine optimization. The whole premise of the google search engine algorithm is simple, ‘google wants you to find what you are looking for.’ So Google chooses the most ‘relevant’ links to put in front of you. Relevance is determined by three things:

  1. Clicks – the number of times the link has been chosen for the selected key words
  2. Content – sites that have direct reference to key words
  3. Interconnectivity – Sites that have content related to key words that are linked together.  The more interconnections, the more excitable the search engine

“Triangulation” is the act of interconnecting websites, blogs, social networks and other posts


The figure shown is a representation a simplistic way in which to show just how Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be organically developed. In order to get a business to #1 Ranking on the Internet, a business owner used to either spend a great deal of money, or a great deal of time optimizing their Website to gain relevancy of their site in order to reach that prime #1, page 1 real estate position.

Although Keywords and Meta tags are still important, they are not as important as they used to be; they are not the sole focus to reach that #1, Page 1 positioning. For a period of time Websites could simply “Hyperlink” between other Website in order to be seen as having relevancy. Website administrators would contact administrators of other Websites having a common business interest either in content or some other logical business connection. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the art of “swapping links” to become abused. SEO companies sprang up like flies, raising the cost of positioning. SEO companies began taking advantage of linking sites together having no logical relevancy between them making it more and more costly and difficult for legitimate companies and small businesses to compete in their markets.

In the most simplistic of explanations, what Google did was redefine how these links can be made more relevant through “The Art of Triangulation”, the ability to establish and legitimize relevancy between resources, Websites, and industries having commonality and ties. Just like the connectivity found in the lines of a triangle and the natural strength found in pyramids, businesses are able to build strong associations among three or more connected points that strengthen Website legitimacy and relevancy, helping them to “organically” percolate up to page #1.

Here is a real example of how a new start training company used Triangulation to gain page one presence for important key words within just a few months.

The company is called “The Purple Podium”, which is a public speaking training company for aspiring and professional politicians and business leaders. They developed their website on a web tool called Makeitloudsites. This gave them more control over editing the site and has allowed the principles to use the website much like a blog. They have created a section that they edit every day with fresh youtube videos and commentary with links to other websites and blogs. As well, they drive people in their network directly to their website through interesting Tweets on Twitter. The principals of the company have Qalias pages that hyperlink to other related subjects. The result is that The Purple Podium is found on page one when you google “Political Speaking Coaches”. This was achieved without spending one dime for SEO.

This is a very simple case in how “Triangulation” can be implemented. And just as The Purple Podium was able to gain significant relevance in its market, you can also use Triangulation like the SEO pro’s to become a dominant force on the web.

Turn your Personal Brand into Personal Relevance – Part 1

Ok, so you have all the tools that Dan Schawabel says to have, Facebook or My Space, Linked In, your Twitter and YouTube accounts, and most importantly, your blog. And you are starting to get some SEO relevance on the search engines with your Qalias account. What now? The answer is to get to work and create your own corner of the Web by becoming an expert in the area of your interest.

There is a lot of space for experts on the web.  Find that thing you are passionate about and are willing to become a web expert on and begin driving people to you. That is exactly how Dan Schawabel became the Personal Branding Guru.  And you can become a Guru in your space also. Let’s get started.

If your interest is “Business Etiquette”,  Make you blog specific to that topic by posting articles every day that offer advice and links to other articles and videos on the.  Posting everyday will not only give you Search Engine relevance but will also establish currency and credibility.

Be sure to differentiate yourself from any others that might be in your space. Go to blogs that are related to your interest topics and comment on them. Be sure not to suggest or sell any products or services in your comments (bad blog etiquette for sure). Don’t worry if there are others claiming to be experts in your space. When you start using our advice, you will blow right past them in relevance and credibility.

Watch for our next posts, Part 2, “Triangulation”, the engine that will make you a dominate force on the web. Part 3, “Monetizing Your Brand.” Turning your expertise into passive, recurring revenue stream.

From Buy the Land – to Buy the Brand…

The more things change – the more they stay the same.  My uncle used to say “buy the land, not the houses – cause eventually all the land will be gone.  It’s the one thing they aren’t making anymore.”  Funny how that really applies to your own battle online to establish your digital brand – and stake your name, er um, claim, to the front page of Google, where people will find you.

I know, I know, there are many people who say they don’t want Page One on Google – and they also say they wouldn’t want to live in the country club community, too.  However, once you’ve done so, it becomes obvious how much being on page one of Google helps you be vettable – to be referrable – to be respected and instantly verified.  In about 3 years of holding rank on page one – then page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and onwards – I found more and more times where I was already “the favorite” when it came time to choose the next presenter, trainer, marketing choice or even awards.  Back in March, I was selected by David Cooper, America’s Income Trainer, to come to his Nashville studio and film two DVD’s – which helped cement the start to a great relationship.

I encourage you to remember the analogy my uncle held – because just like the land, there is only so much space on page one of Google.  And just like the land – once it is taken, it gets kind of expensive to earn your share.  Stick around on our blog as we show you the best personal marketing tool available to you.  We will also give you tips and tricks and ideas and niche markets – as well as digital branding, networthing and show you how to tame the Gorelephant.

Social Media, Viruses and Hoaxes — Oh My!

Well, well, well.  Just when you thought it was safe to post that profile….

With Facebook and other social networking media sites being inflicted with viruses, hoaxes, worms and other things that don’t sound like the kind of things you want around – especially in your computer, or being sent “on your behalf” to your friends – doesn’t it make sense to be found the one place people always look – at the top of Google.

Consider that :

Malware authors are investing more energy in Facebook and other social-networking sites because that effort pays off, according to Michael Argast, a security analyst at Sophos. Facebook alone has more than 175 million users, which makes it an attractive target.

So, not only do you need a profile there to be found, now being found there can endanger you, your reputation, your friends, their reputations – which might make sense if it was the only option or a risk you could mitigate and see happening.  However, it isn’t, and when you think about the following, it gives one pause on where to rest your internet home(s).

Argast called the Koobface worm a mix of something old and something new. The new is using social networks as a method to spread malware. The old is using fake codec Trojans linked to a saucy video to induce the user to install the malware.

“I would expect to see more attacks on Facebook,” Argast said. “As long as this is a successful propagation method, the bad guys will double down and invest more. They are entirely motivated by financial gain. If it pays, they’ll continue to romp in your social playgrounds.”